Simple Tone Tags

WHAT: Tone Tags are used to indicate the tone of a sentence where the wording is potentially ambiguous or misleading.WHY: To avoid misunderstandings when communicating over text, where there is a prominent lack of body language.WHO: Anyone and everyone can benefit from using tone tags, but it is especially helpful to those who are neurodivergent and may struggle with ambiguous writing.HOW: Add the /tonetag to the sentence you are wanting to communicate the tone of. See the examples column.

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/confConfusedDidn't you say you wanted a cup of tea? /confStating one is confused and potentially needs help understanding.
/genGenuineI'm happy you are here! /genAn honest remark with no ulterior motives.
/genqGenuine QuestionWhy are you doing that? /genqA question with no ulterior motives or aggressiveness.
/hjHalf JokingThe world is on fire. /hjA joking comment but with a partially serious intent.
/hypHyperboleI could eat a horse! /hypAn exaggerated statement or non literal claim
/jJokeWhat's up? The ceiling. /jA comment or punchline to cause amusement or laughter
/lhLight HeartedYour hair is all over the place. /lhExpressed in an amusing, entertaining, or carefree manner.
/litLiteralI actually have 10 cats! /litWithout exaggeration or metaphor, the exact words expressed.
/metaMetaphorTime is money. /metaFigure of speech that is usually symbolic.
/nah or /naahNot at anyone hereThey're so annoying. /nahWhen talking about an external party in the second-person formatting.
/nayNot at youHow dare you! /nayWhen talking about a third party in the second-person formatting.
/negNegativeIt's so cold! /negNot desirable or wanted.
/neuNeutralIt's rather humid. /neuNeither positive or negative, usually for noting information or statistics.
/npaNot Passive AggressiveDo whatever you want. /npaSynonymous with genuine intent.
/nmNot MadYou're late today! /nmStating one is not angry or mad at a situation.
/posPositiveThe sun is so bright! /posDesirable and wanted.
/refReferenceThe cake is a lie. /refA mention or citation from another source of information.
/rhRhetorical QuestionWhat's not to like? /rhTo make a statement rather than to have a question answered.
/s or /sarcSarcasmI'm so happy to be here. /sarcUsing irony to mock or convey contempt.

Please note, this is just a small and simplified list of tone tags, mainly used for professional or mature purposes only. There are other guides online with more expansive lists.
See here for a larger list.